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Speak Up and Speak Better: Communication Skills Primer 03/13/09
No Stimulus For Hotels, Sports Events 03/09/09
Plug and Play Resume Customization 03/05/09
How to Manage an Exit Interview 02/23/09
Economy Pressures Smaller Firms 02/13/09
Where 'Son of TARP' Could Create Jobs 02/11/09
Half of CFOs Plan to Retire On Schedule 02/06/09
Good Background, Strong Skills - And No Job? 02/04/09
Firms Still Hiring, But More Slowly 02/02/09
A Career Change Road Map 01/30/09
Fraud Threat Creates Opportunities, Too 01/23/09
To Calculate or to Communicate, That Is the Question 01/13/09
Analysts, Accountants Needed At FBI 01/12/09
Finance Smarts Needed at NCIS 01/05/09
Dating for Jobs 12/29/08
CareerWire: Out-of-the-Box Visibility Tactics 12/22/08
Charting a Course to the Controller's Office 12/12/08
CareerWire: Clueless on MySpace 12/08/08
CPAs Move to Consulting from Controller/CFO Spots 12/05/08
Ex-Bankers Make Good Accounting Candidates 12/03/08
CareerWire: Zig Where the Market Zags 11/24/08
Considering Coaching? Consider This 11/24/08
Valuation Experience Needed in N.Y. Area 11/19/08
Recruiter Sees Drop in CPA Searches 11/14/08
Public Accounting Still Favors Job Seekers 11/05/08
CareerWire: Tax Work, N. Calif. Top Pay Gains 11/03/08
Options, Demand in Corporate Accounting 10/31/08
Guide to Surviving a Merger 10/29/08
CareerWire: Campus Offers Withdrawn 10/27/08
CareerWire: Prepare For the Pink Slip 10/20/08
Building Your Internal Network 10/17/08
Q&A: Greg Burke, Chair, CalCPA 10/15/08
Craft Cover Letters, Resumes that Earn You a Second Look 10/10/08
Financial Tumult Pressures N.Y. Area CPAs 10/08/08
Economic Woes Color California Hiring Strategies 10/03/08
Timing the Transition to IFRS 10/01/08
Relocating Means Negotiating the Best Package 09/29/08
Near-Term Stability for Wall Street Accountants 09/23/08
CareerWire: Good Time to Switch 09/22/08
Tech Skills Become Vital to Accounting Careers 09/16/08
N.Y. Area CPAs Face the Economy 09/12/08
Ins and Outs of Contract Accounting 09/10/08
CareerWire: Layoff At Deloitte 09/08/08
Our Take: Age Matters 09/03/08
CPAs Need Communications Skills to Advance 09/01/08
Tax Environment Builds Demand for CPAs in N.Y. Area 08/29/08
CareerWire: Probing Tuition Reimbursement 08/25/08
Tracing The Career of Wikimedia's CFO 08/20/08
Economy Pressures Accountants' Optimism. Should It? 08/13/08
Compensation Keeps CPAs in N.Y., N.J. 08/12/08
CareerWire: Broadening the Mission 08/11/08
Globalization, Regulation Mean Jobs, Even in Gloomy Times 07/30/08
Risk Management Jobs in Chicago 07/29/08
CareerWire: CPAs Have Office Politics, Too 07/28/08
Salaries Up, But Gender Gap Widens 07/18/08
Credentials as a Lever into Management 07/16/08
CareerWire: Firm Aims to Double Its Staff 07/14/08
Calif. FBI Offices Seek Accountants 07/08/08
CFOs See Concern Over Long Hours 07/01/08
CareerWire: Another Angle on IFRS 06/30/08
Little Compliance Hiring in Chicago 06/27/08
Standing Out from the Competition 06/24/08
CareerWire: Fraud Training, Hires, Balance Awards 06/23/08
CPA-Lawyers Find Growing Opportunities 06/18/08
Female CFOs Dissected 06/11/08
Tech Skills Gives CPAs a Leg Up 06/10/08
CareerWire: Finance Keeps Evolving, Compliance is Hot 06/09/08
Accounting Job Market Holds Steady 06/06/08
New Designation for Fraud Experts 06/03/08
CareerWire: He Audits, He Records, He Sings… 06/02/08
Number of New CPAs Soars in Bay State 05/30/08
Accountants Dodge Wall Street Layoffs 05/28/08
Stopping Bullies at Work 05/23/08
CareerWire: Gaps Loom in Federal Financial Management 05/19/08
Learning by Doing Overseas 05/16/08
Canada Has Plenty of Tax Accounting Jobs to Fill 05/13/08
CareerWire: SOX Workload Under Control 05/12/08
Chicago CPAs and Accountants in Demand 04/29/08
CareerWire: How Much Notice is Enough? 04/28/08
Real Paths to the CFO's Chair 04/25/08
'Fairness Opinion' Expertise Sought in N.Y. 04/22/08
CareerWire: Online Networks Grow as Recruiting Tools 04/21/08
San Francisco Firm on Fast Track 04/18/08
Roundup: Hires, Promotions, in Penn., Texas, Miss. 04/17/08
Boston Campus Recruiting Steady - For Now 04/15/08
Tech-Risk Experts Needed in New York 04/11/08
When Negotiating, Look Beyond Base and Bonus 04/09/08
Roundup: Hires, Promotions in Ohio, California, N.C. 04/03/08
Despite Crunch, Hedge Funds Hire Accountants 04/01/08
Detroit Firm's Focus is Over the Horizon 03/28/08
California Firms See Hiring Throughout 2008 03/26/08
CareerWire: The Ins, Outs and Sometimes Odd Dynamics of Forensics 03/24/08
CPAs Eyes Jobs as Recruiters, Consultants 03/19/08
Seven Signs You're Getting Good Training 03/18/08
CareerWire: The IRS Got There First 03/17/08
Roundup: Executive Moves in the Northeast 03/13/08
Few Women See Financial Workplace Gains 03/12/08
Corporate Options Abound in N.Y., N.J. 03/11/08
CareerWire: Deloitte-Branded What? 03/10/08
Roundup: Merger in Massachusetts 03/06/08
CFOs See Slowdown in Hiring 03/05/08
North-South Gap in California Salaries 03/04/08
New Resource For Corporate CPAs in California 02/29/08
The Ins and Outs of International Assignments 02/27/08
Q&A: Kenn McFarland, CPA, Hospital CFO 02/26/08
CareerWire: Campuses Big and Small 02/25/08
Roundup: Hirings and Mergers Across U.S. 02/21/08
Hedge Funds Expected to Add CPAs 02/20/08
CareerWire: Recruiting Tools and Challenges 02/19/08
Roundup: Mergers and Promotions 02/14/08
CareerWire: PwC Tops Professor's Survey 02/11/08
Shrunken Bonuses Spark Grumbling In New York Area 02/08/08
Roundup: Mergers, Moves Across U.S. 02/06/08
Pay Moving Higher in California 02/05/08
Opportunities in Healthcare Companies 02/01/08
Accounting Workers' Confidence Posts January Rebound 01/31/08
Demand Won't Let Up Any Time Soon 01/30/08
Accountant Shortage Propels Risk Managers' Bargaining Power 01/29/08
CareerWire: Mortgage Securities Downturn Hits Big Four? 01/28/08
Volunteering: More than 'Feeling Good' 01/22/08
Demand Rising from N.Y. Non-Profits 01/18/08
Auditors, Senior Accountants Lead Wish Lists 01/15/08
Roundup: Mergers in East, Midwest 01/10/08
New Skills Required for CFOs 01/08/08
Finance Worker Sentiment Continues to Slide 01/04/08
More Risk Opportunities for N.Y. Area CPAs 12/20/07
Introverted? Consider Accounting and Auditing… 12/19/07
Ask the Expert: Your Degree is Nice, but Experience is Critical 12/14/07
Hedge Funds Need Accounting Talent - And Pay for It 12/13/07
Office Politics and You 12/12/07
Calif. CPA Focuses Practice on 'Special Needs' Families 12/07/07
Finance Staffers Glum, But CFOs Plan Hiring 12/06/07
N.Y. Area Litigation Experts in Demand 12/05/07
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Get Me a Job 12/04/07
It's Not About Balance - It's About Reality 11/30/07
Audit Opportunities Expand As Private Companies 'Go Bright' 11/29/07
'Responsibility' Reporting Poised to Widen? 11/28/07
Area Accountants Feel Wall Street's Pain 11/27/07
Network Your Way to the Top 11/15/07
CareerWire: How You View Networking 11/12/07
N.Y./N.J.: Advisory Services Staff Up With CPAs 11/06/07
Relocating Means Negotiating the Best Package 10/31/07
Calif. CPAs Meld Tech, Accounting Skills 10/30/07
Accountants' Starting Salaries Pushed Higher 10/25/07
Q&A: Jerrold Pellizzon, CFO, Ceradyne Inc. 10/23/07
Accounting, Job Security, and You 10/19/07
Should You Take Notes in an Interview? 10/18/07
N.Y., N.J. Companies Recruit Auditors Out-of-State 10/12/07
Negotiating Severance Upfront Can Be Tricky 10/11/07
Firms Venture into New Territories 10/05/07
Considering a Career Change? Plan Ahead 10/04/07
Move to a Non-Profit With Open Eyes 10/03/07
Calif. Demand Strong, But Lags Other Areas 10/02/07
CareerWire: Listening to Your Critics 10/01/07
A Primer for Interview Disaster Recovery 09/28/07
N.J. CPAs Want Better Pay, Mentors 09/27/07
Finance Staffs to Expand in Fourth Quarter? 09/25/07
Mature Workers: A New Challenge for Employers 09/23/07
Audit Sector Outlook Remains Bright 09/21/07
Choosing a Resume Consultant 09/20/07
Six Things Not to Do During an Interview 09/18/07
CFOs Less Upbeat About Economy and Hiring 09/14/07
Fewer Top-Level Shifts in Finance - For Now 09/12/07
United Commercial Bank Adding Financial Staff 09/10/07
Building Your Safety Net 09/07/07
To Blog or Not to Blog? 08/30/07
Facing the Tough Stuff 08/29/07
Compliance, M&A Drive Hiring in N.Y., N.J. 08/28/07
CareerWire: Privacy Online? Maybe. 08/27/07
Ask the Expert: About Professional Associations... 08/22/07
Certifications Boost Pay for Management Accountants 08/17/07
Calif. Program Targets Industry CPAs 08/16/07
Recruiters Hunt in Association Directories 08/15/07
Get Ready: Four Trends to Watch 08/14/07
AICPA to H.S. Students: Look Over Here! 08/10/07
CalCPA Chair Focused on Women, Corporate CPAs 08/09/07
N.J. Sees Need for Forensic Accountants 08/07/07
When Returning to Work, Networking is Job 1 07/27/07
Think Carefully When Weighing Counter Offers 07/24/07
NY/NJ: Risk, Compliance, Process Firms Seek Pros 07/11/07
Sometimes Smaller is Better 07/10/07
Standards Convergence: Further Spur to Offshoring? 07/05/07
CFOs Scramble to Find Qualified Workers 07/03/07
N.Y./N.J.: Wall Street, Hedge Funds Seek Finance Pros 06/28/07
To Find Job Openings, Follow the Money and the News 06/26/07
Growing Role For CPAs in Risk Management 06/21/07
Five Ways to Become Job-Search Savvy 06/20/07
N.Y./N.J.: Generalists Still Needed 06/19/07
The Rise of the Part-Time CFO 06/14/07
'Fiduciary Accounting' a Growing Niche 06/12/07
Ten Ways to Show You Don't Want That Job 06/08/07
CPA Shortages Impact Work at Senior Levels 06/06/07
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 06/04/07
UK Seeks Accountants for Risk Jobs 06/01/07
Standing Out in the First Five Minutes 05/23/07
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 05/21/07
CPAs Weigh Outsourcing Certification 05/18/07
New York/New Jersey: Signing Bonuses Rise 05/16/07
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 05/14/07
Don't Be Digitally Invisible 05/09/07
MBAs See Lowest Pay Within Accounting Sector 05/08/07
Calif. Financial Firms Embrace Telecommuting 05/02/07
Getting the Lowdown on Potential Employers 05/01/07
Calif. Wrap-Up: Non-Profits Can Be Intense, Too 04/26/07
N.Y. Conference Focuses on Broker/Dealer Accounting 04/25/07
N.Y. Conference Focuses on Broker-Dealer Accounting 04/25/07
XBRL Know-How Means Extra Pay for CPAs 04/25/07
To Open Doors, Woo the Gatekeeper 04/20/07
A Tip on Managing Your Career 04/19/07
Banking Firms Prepare for Slowdown 04/17/07
Q&A: Mitchell & Titus CEO Bert N. Mitchell 04/13/07
Solution to CPA Crunch is On-Campus 04/12/07
California CPAs Urged to Be Aggressive 04/10/07
CareerWire: The Best of the Blog 04/09/07
N.Y. Focus Shifts to Regional Banks 04/06/07
Retailers Need Accounting Managers 04/05/07
Dropping CPA Supply Pressures Balance Debate 04/04/07
IRS Plans Career Open House in N.Y. 04/03/07
CareerWire: The Best of the Blog 04/02/07
Firms Can List Reasons for Firing Brokers 03/30/07
Safe From Outsourcing? Maybe Think Again 03/28/07
CareerWire: Working Mother's Favorite Companies 03/19/07
What Wealth Managers Seek in New Hires 03/15/07
Restaurant Firms Seek Tech-Savvy, Creative Thinkers 03/14/07
New York Real Estate Drives Financial Positions 03/13/07
New York Real Estate Drives Financial Positions 03/13/07
CareerWire: CFOs Under Pressure 03/12/07
Sub-Prime Troubles Hit Banking Jobs in East, Midwest 03/08/07
CareerWire: Finance Talent Needed in Mohawk Valley 03/05/07
California Compliance Salaries Reflect Demand 02/28/07
Looking Good 02/27/07
CareerWire: Price Opens Office in Toronto 02/26/07
Ask the Expert: How Do Plan for My Own Business? 02/23/07
Ask the Expert: How Do I Plan for My Own Business? 02/23/07
Researchers Find Uncomfortable Realities in 'Balance' 02/21/07
CareerWire: MetLife Seeking Summer Interns 02/20/07
Morgan Stanley Hires for Latin Wealth Management 02/16/07
Career Focus at California CPA Conferences 02/15/07
UBS Seeking Wealth Managers 02/13/07
CareerWire: Insurers Develop Overseas Markets 02/12/07
Growing Demand in Micro-Enterprise Sector 02/08/07
E-Banking's Scope Spurs Need for Product Managers 02/01/07
A Recruiter's View of Accounting and Finance 01/31/07
Flexibility Can Aid Laid-Off Bankers 01/30/07
Non-Profits in Calif. Seek Financial Expertise 01/26/07
Hotel Industry Needs Accounting Staff 01/25/07
Some Firms Eye Real Estate Agents as FAs 01/23/07
CareerWire: Credit Suisse Hires Wealth Management Head 01/22/07
Independence Isn't for All Financial Advisors 01/19/07
Franklin Templeton Expands Training Program 01/18/07
Franklin Templeton Expands Training Program 01/18/07
CareerWire: Schwab Incents Independent FAs 01/16/07
Licensure a Key to Accounting Success 01/12/07
In N.J.: CPA Clients Seek Wealth Management Advice 01/11/07
Plotting Your Path to the CFO's Office 01/10/07
Lawyers Fit As Wealth Managers 01/09/07
CareerWire: FAs' Pay Lagged in 2005 01/08/07
Calif. CPA Firm Seeks Experience, Communication Skills 01/05/07
A CEO's View of Financial IT 01/03/07
Merrill Lynch Adds to Bonus Program 12/28/06
Broad View Helps Tax Executives 12/27/06
CareerWire: PWC, BDO Seidman Open in Nashville 12/26/06
How to Catch a Rising Star - and Not Get Burned 12/22/06
More Online Options for California CPA Credits 12/21/06
Finding the Manager Behind the Ad 12/20/06
Ask the Expert: Researching New Possibilities 12/19/06
A 'Micro' Alternative to Traditional Banking 12/14/06
How N.Y., N.J. Advisors Keep Business When Clients Move 12/13/06
Employers Cautious About 2007 12/12/06
CareerWire: Employers See Increased MBA Hiring 12/11/06
Accounting, Finance Professionals Sought in California 12/08/06
The Need for GAAP Knowledge Overseas 12/07/06
Communicating is Vital - Even in Finance 12/06/06
John Hancock Helps Producers Move to Management 12/05/06
CareerWire: Merrill Lynch will Settle Overtime Suits 12/04/06
Merged BNY, Mellon May Reduce Workforce by 10 Percent 12/04/06
Banks Seek Help Selling Mortgages to Minorities 12/01/06
Challenges for Corporate Accountants in N.Y. 11/30/06
Skeptical? A CPA? FCPA Work Might Be For You 11/28/06
Landscape Changing For Ultra-Wealth Management 11/27/06
CareerWire: The IRS On Campus 11/27/06
Strategies to Help You Move Up 11/21/06
Foreign Firms Seek U.S. Talent for Expansions 11/20/06
CareerWire: Private Bank for Physicians 11/20/06
Wachovia Turns Its Eyes West 11/17/06
Ask the Expert: Job Searching After Age 55 11/16/06
CareerWire: Brokers Join Suit Against Merrill Lynch 11/13/06
CFOs Value Employee Loyalty 11/13/06
Career Changers Attract Financial Recruiters 11/08/06
Q&A: Deloitte's Ethics and Compliance Watchdog 11/07/06
CareerWire: Hiring at Marsh _ampersand McLennan's Insurance Unit 11/06/06
Wealthy Spur Increased Need for 'Family Offices' 11/02/06
Asian Advisers Leverage Community 11/01/06
Edward Jones Has 10-Year Plan 10/31/06
CareerWire: Bookkeepers, Cost Accountants See Pay Rise 10/30/06
Offshoring Comes to the Back Office 10/27/06
Demand Seen Pushing Financial Salaries in 2007 10/25/06
Bonuses Boost Risk-Technology Compensation 10/24/06
Ask the Expert: Reaching Beyond Company Networks 10/23/06
CareerWire: The Time Demands on CFOs 10/23/06
For Brokers, Training Issues Come into the Open 10/19/06
Corporations Use Project Professionals to Fill Gaps 10/18/06
Mid-Size CPA Firms Form National Network 10/17/06
Treasury Departments Staff Up to Field Wider Roles 10/16/06
CareerWire: More Firms Send Women Overseas 10/16/06
Firms Seek Advisers From Range of Backgrounds 10/11/06
CareerWire: Hispanic Credit Card Market Shows Promise 10/10/06
Tips for Finding That Overseas Job 10/06/06
First American Launches Subordinate Lien Group 10/05/06
Top Interview Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them 10/03/06
CareerWire: U. Wyoming Eyes Online Accounting Program 10/02/06
Countrywide Warns of Layoffs 09/27/06
Is Your Boss a Bully? Part 2 09/27/06
CFOs See Steady Hiring in Fourth Quarter 09/25/06
CareerWire: Morgan Stanley Pauses in Layoffs 09/25/06
From Independent CPA to Corporate Finance 09/22/06
Mellon Names Wealth Management Head in S. Calif. 09/20/06
CareerWire: Make the Most of Online Search Tools 09/19/06
Career Path: Al Mariano, Accountemps 09/15/06
Career Path: Al Mariano, Salary Professiona/Consultant 09/15/06
Career Path: Al Mariano, Salary Professional/Consultant 09/15/06
CareerWire: UBS Strengthens U.S. Presence 09/12/06
CareerWire: UBS Strengthens U.S. Presence 09/12/06
CareerWire: UBS Strengthens U.S. Presence 09/12/06
California CPAs Benefit from Strong Demand 09/07/06
Is Your Boss a Bully? 09/06/06
Position Yourself for a New Job - Discreetly 09/01/06
Do Your Homework on Prospective Employers 08/31/06
Diversity at Deloitte _ampersand Touche USA 08/30/06
Public Company Executives Lured by Private Equity 08/30/06
Torn Between Two Job Offers 08/30/06
CareerWire: Return of the Perk 08/28/06
Ask the Expert: I'm Qualified - Why Can't I Find a Job? 08/24/06
Women Make Inroads to CFO's Office 08/23/06
Demand for CPAs Rising Globally 08/22/06
CareerWire: From CFO to CEO 08/21/06
What Tax Directors Look for When Hiring 08/16/06
CareerWire: Private Firms Buy Into SOX 08/14/06
Five Things CFOs Look For in Job Candidates 08/11/06
Piper Advisors Depart Ahead of Takeover 08/10/06
Leadership Skills As Career Tools 08/09/06
CareerWire: Thrifts Leaving Mortgages, Broker Pay Drifts and More 08/07/06
CFOs Value Communicators; Learning Skills is Up to You 08/03/06
Tips for Responding to Online Ads 08/02/06
CareerWire: Auditing Your Job Search 07/31/06
Certifications Showcase 'Real-World' Expertise of CPAs 07/26/06
CareerWire: Changing the Gender Equations 07/24/06
Hispanic FAs Find More Opportunities 07/21/06
Goldman Sachs Leaders Emphasize 'Doing' 07/19/06
UBS Opens Office For 'Ultra-High-Net-Worth' Clients 07/19/06
Merrill Official Says Firm Can 'Do Better' In Diversity 07/18/06
CareerWire: Banks, Insurers Keep Looking for Common Ground 07/17/06
CareerWire: Mentors Count, SOX Costs Still Rising 07/10/06
DWS Scudder Expands Distribution 07/07/06
Internal Audit Still Faces Talent Shortage 07/06/06
CareerWire: Gates Foundation Looks for Financial Talent 07/05/06
Ace that Interview - Top Ten Tips 07/05/06
Legg Mason Reorganizes Businesses 06/28/06
CareerWire: Careful What You Post Online 06/27/06
SOX Leads To IT Opportunities 06/22/06
Certified Fraud Examiners In Demand 06/21/06
CareerWire: Risk Professionals Receiving Earlier Bonuses 06/19/06
IT Security Professionals See Increasing Demand, Salaries 06/16/06
CareerWire: Accounting, Financial Workers Happier Than Most 06/12/06
Static Networks Can Be Dangerous To Your Career 06/07/06
CareerWire: Tax Departments Need More Resources 06/05/06
Demand For Socially Responsible Investing Jobs Outpaces Need 06/02/06
CareerWire: Job Cuts At Regions Financial, Accounting Grads Well-Regarded 05/30/06
Diversity At Citigroup's Corporate and Investment Banking Division 05/26/06
Recruiter Stanton Chase Launches Financial Division 05/23/06
CareerWire: HSBC The Leading Firm For Women Executives 05/22/06
CFOs Gain Higher Profiles At Hedge Funds 05/19/06
CareerWire: Jobs Outlook Strong - For Now 05/15/06
Morgan Stanley Paring Down Broker Training 05/11/06
Morgan Stanley Dangles Bonuses To Lure Brokers 05/10/06
CareerWire: Corporate Lawyers Face SOX Pressures 05/08/06
Black Financial Advisors Confront Misperceptions 05/05/06
Demand Pushes Salaries Of Wealth Advisors 05/03/06
CareerWire: Block Seeks 500 Financial Advisors In Next Five years 05/01/06
Women, Minorities Lag In Executive Ranks 04/28/06
CareerWire: TIAA-CREF Hiring Advisors; UBS Works To Retain Piper Brokers 04/24/06
As SOX Costs Drop, Will SOX Opportunities Follow? 04/21/06
Corporate Finance Compensation Jumps 04/19/06
Executives Look For Resume Follow-Ups 04/17/06
CFOs Predict Increased Hiring For Finance Staffs 04/14/06
BET Founder’s Bank Expects To Offer 'Opportunities' - Eventually 04/10/06
Opportunities Arise from U.S. Investment in Asian Real Estate 04/07/06
Finance Chiefs Paid More In U.S. 04/04/06
Private Banking Opportunities On The Rise 03/29/06
Are Companies Serious About Diversity? 03/27/06
For SOX Staffers, Workload May Be Key Challenge 03/24/06
Mellon Seeks To Expand Private Wealth Management Group 03/20/06
CFOs Earning Impressive Compensation 03/17/06
Baby Boomers’ Retirement Opens Career Paths 03/17/06
Banks, Credit Unions Offer Opportunities For Wirehouse Reps 03/16/06
Thrivent Financial To Hire 675 Representatives 03/13/06
More Firms Seek Forensic Accountants 03/10/06
Five Signs It's Time To Move On 03/08/06
Demand For Internal Auditors Pushes Salaries 02/24/06
Candidates With Disabilities Sought By Financial Firms 02/22/06
Commercial Real Estate Firms Seek Financial Professionals 02/17/06
Pension Expertise In Growing Demand 02/15/06
Merrill Lynch Cuts Brokers' Cash Compensation 02/08/06
Financial Services Firms Look Outside 02/02/06
Know Your File Before a Background Check 01/25/06
Certifications Aplenty in Financial Planning for Seniors 01/19/06
H-1B Visas Put U.S. Financial IT Jobs at Risk 01/19/06
Accountants' Pay Jumps on Lack of Supply 01/10/06
Diversity Hiring Pushed by Banks’ Market Demographics 01/03/06
Sarbox Costs Down but Hiring Still Strong 12/20/05
Bank Branch Managers See Huge Churn 12/19/05
CFOs say Pay, Hiring to Freeze 12/13/05
CPAs Back in the Black 12/09/05
Surviving Sarbanes-Oxley 11/29/05
Good Communication Means Better Bottom Lines 11/28/05
Unhappy at work? You're not alone 11/15/05
Don't Let Resume and Interview Gaffes Wreck Your Job Chances 11/10/05
Pay Pressure Pushes on Big Four Rivals 11/04/05
Workplace Diversity Is a Bottom-Line Issue 11/01/05
Wal-Mart Goes A-Banking 10/31/05
Annual Bonuses: Carrots Dangle Higher, Sticks Get Longer 10/24/05
Market Is Strong for Temporary Accounting Pros 10/18/05
Retail Banking: Sell, Sell, Sell or Else 10/11/05
Bye-bye Stock Options, Hello Incentive Pay Mix 10/03/05
Accounting Standards Watchdog Names Chief 09/23/05
Compliance Demands Controllers 09/16/05
Treasurers Usually Promoted, Not Hired 09/12/05
Summer Reading: Manners Matter 08/25/05
Pay Hikes To See a Slight Pickup - Plus More Employees To Get Them 08/17/05
Staff Accountants Show Slight Uptick in Salary 08/08/05
The Mommy Track: How Not to Derail Your Career 08/02/05
Fraud Examiners Do Good 07/26/05
Forensic Accountants Follow Trail of More Jobs, Pay 07/19/05
Financial Analysts Ascend in Pay, Hiring 07/12/05
SOX Moves Management Accountants' Pay Up 06/21/05
Career Shift: Housing Counsellors Earn High Karma And Low Pay 05/31/05
Interim Managers See International Growth 05/16/05
Insurance Jobs Are Spring's Hot Spot 05/16/05
Letter from London: We Want Flexitime and We Want it Now 05/10/05
Background Checks: Honesty Is Still the Best Policy 05/03/05
Mortgage Banking Designations: Nice-To-Haves or Must-Haves? 04/18/05
Just How Good IS That Offer? 04/07/05
More Jobs, Pay for June Grads 04/04/05
Take the Offer and Run 03/29/05
Wall Street Calling All Accountants, Controllers 03/23/05
Letter from London: We Want You, Say Big 4 02/22/05
CFOs Take Sweet Time to Fill Jobs 02/15/05
Ante Up for Chief Risk Officers 02/11/05
Financial Planners Get Top Pay in Growing Sectors 02/04/05
Ask the Expert: How Can I Make My Sarbox Skills Convincing? 02/01/05
So you want to be a CFO? 01/27/05
No End to Internal Audit Hiring Spree in Sight 01/11/05
Multiple Offers for Internal Auditors Come With Pay Raises 01/11/05
Write your Own Ticket to Europe on the SOX Express 01/11/05
PwC, Ernst Set to Hire up to 30% More Accounting Grads in 2005 01/11/05

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  9. Chartered Market Analyst CMA™ Financial Analyst Designate FAD™
  10. Certified Risk Analyst ™ CRA ™ and Certified in Risk Management
  11. Certified Valuation Manager™ CVM™
  12. Certified Cost Controller CCC Middle East - Europe - Asia - Africa
  13. Certified Credit Analyst ™ CCA Offered in Asia and Middle East Africa
  14. Chartered Compliance Analyst CCA ( Corporate Training) Board Certified in Compliance
  15. CITA Certified International Tax Analyst (advisor) (for Lawyers or LLM holders)
  16. CAMC Certified Anti Money Laundering Consultant (for Lawyers or LLM holders)
  17. Ch.E. Chartered Economist - For PhDs and Double Masters Degree Holders.
  18. CAPA ™ Certified Asset Protection Analyst
  19. Certified Transfer Pricing Specialist™ CTS™ Law School Course
  20. IIR Courses that lead to Certification

Read about select AAFM Global Recognition ™ & Listings and Disclosure on the Official Investor Education Websites


AAFM ™ Board of Standards, Academy, and Fellows.

The Board of Standards for AAFM is composed of 50 honorary member professionals including faculty from the worlds top business schools, law schools, universities, financial executives and managers, lawyers, judges, and world renowned financial planning practitioners. 10 Doctorate level professionals sit on our academic committee overseeing standards and ethics. AAFM was begun by executives and faculty to provide financial education and certification worldwide through the use of executive training. AAFM'S Board of Standards is a honorary voluntary board that creates the standards for professional membership and charter board certifications. The Super Board is led by the Chiarman with the Super Board advisors.

The AAFM Board of Standards owns the global intellectual property, copyrights, designations, and marks used internationally .© The AAFM Board of Standards USA Recognizes, accredites, sanctions or approves of over 600 approved and registered training channels worldwide. The AAFM Board of Standards is sole body that issues the certifications, distinctions, designations, awards, research, consulting, and recognitions globally. The AAFM Global Board is headed by its CEO and Chair in the United States: Prof. Dr. George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM - Attorney at Law. The Global Voice of the AAFM is controlled by the AAFM Board.

American Academy of Financial Management ™

The AAFM ™ was founded in 1996, via a merger between the American Academy of Financial Management & Analysts (AAFMA) and the Founders Advisory Committee of the Original Tax and Estate Planning Law Review ™. The AAFMA was originally established in as a professional organization for investment managers, lawyers, and analysts. The Law Review was founded to examine strategic wealth and estate planning issues for Law, CPA, PhD, and MBA graduates and to award the wealth management, estate planning, and tax designations. AAFM currently recognizes over 30,000 PhDs, Lawyers, CPAs, AACSB Graduates, & Masters Degree Holders as executive members in over 141 nations. As there had not been a graduate professional financial organization specifically for MBAs, CPAs, Lawyers and PhDs, the AAFM ™ has met this need and become the organization of choice for highly educated individuals or industry experts because AAFM requires an accredited college degree for membership and certification.

The AAFM Board of Standards, Academy, Fellows, and Financial Commission: issues white papers, publishes books, produces reports, analyzes industry trends, issues press releases and makes resulotions. The AAFM Financial Accords and Standards are reviewed each year to increase world financial harmonization and cultural exchange.

The Recognized Board of Standards for AAFM is composed of 50 member professionals including faculty from several universities, financial executives and managers, lawyers, judges, and world renowned financial planning practitioners. 10 Doctorate level professionals sit on our academic committee overseeing standards and ethics. AAFM was begun by executives and faculty to provide financial education and certification worldwide through the use of executive training. AAFM'S Board of Standards is a honorary voluntary board that creates the standards for professional membership and charter board certifications. AAFM owns the intellectual property, copyrights, designations, and marks used herein. ©

AAFM ™ is the regulatory body for the much sought after AAFM ™ Designations, Credentials, Fellow Status and Academy Status. The AAFM ™ Executive Designation Programs provide the assurance that the holder has met the suggested criteria for graduate credentials set out in the Ibanez US Supreme Court Decision. Further, the AAFM board certification requires passing 6 different levels of standards. Acceptance into the AAFM is a high distinction and requires the holder to possess a graduate level portfolio of skills and knowledge. Acceptance statistics are not high, and the designation when achieved is a high honor strictly for accredited degree graduates.

Furthermore, AAFM ™ has 7 primary compliance friendly board certifications that are listed and recognized on the Authorative Investor Education ™ Websites, and AAFM is also recognized on the US Department of Labor BLS Brochures. AAFM ™ also has negotiated global trademark agreements with the CFP ™ Board of Standards and the CFA ™ Institute. AAFM is best known as a member of both the AACSB International and the ACBSP which are the 2 accreditation agencies for business schools and the AAFM directly recognizes courses and degrees from 560+ accredited institutions. Through this agreement, AAFM is able to accept course credit for advanced standing from the government recognized business schools globally. Moreover, AAFM has executive training available worldwide to accomodate those seeking board certification.

The AAFM ™ has seen a meteoric rise to affluence and membership in recent years, as financial executives and managers strive to maintain and augment their education, credentials, integrity, and skill sets. AAFM has strategic partnerships with 560 business schools globally through the top two business school acreditation agencys worldwide, The AACSB ™ International and The ACBSP ™. AAFM also has an alliance with the Asian Center for Professional Excellence, The Asian Bankers Association, The RSOF Royal Society of Fellows Worldwide, and AAFM ™ provides has provided some of the most elite global conferences on finance, tax, investments, law, wealth management, portfolio management, economics, and ecommerce issues on several continents.

AAFM’s mission is to serve its global membership and stakeholders as a world leader in educating and reinforcing the international knowledge of executives and potential leadership of financial based institutions. AAFM ™ now has representative offices in the US World Trade Center N.O. Center, Hong Kong, Beijing, India, Dubai, Kuwait, Latin America and South America, Singapore, The Carribean, Europe, and more. Moreover, AAFM ™ is a candidate for recognition from the United Nations. AAFM ™ mandates consent to high standards of professional conduct, and AAFM activities are International in nature and scope.

As Seen in MarketWatch, The Hindu National, El Norte Mexico, The Wall Street Journal USA, Financial Times, Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News, The Associated Press, Black Enterprise, The China Daily, CNN, AACSB News, Peninsula On-line, The Gulf Times, Nassau Guardian, ACBSP News, Asia Africa Intelligence Wire, The Arab Times, Empresa Exterior, Spain, Arab News,The Business Wire , The Political Congressional Transcript Wire, The Congressional Quarterly, The Economic Times, Antara, Al-Bawaba News, and the South China Post.

The AAFM Board of Standards or Related Education has been either recognized listed, disclosed, registered, or in alliance with the following institutions, governmental organizations or agencies.

US Dept of Labor Registry, Websites, and brochures
The US Department of Education Registry
The US regulatory Registry of FINRA NASD
AACSB Accreditation Prof. Member and Articulation Alliance
ACBSP Accreditation Prof. Member Articulation Alliance
China Banking Association and SETC Government Agency
Asian Bankers Institute
Monetary Authority of Singapore
Bahamas West Indies Government University System
UAE Financial Markets and Stock Markets
Dubai Quality Group
The European Quality Framework Institute
The Kuwait Institute of Banking
Australian College of Financial Planning
International Management Academy
International Institute of Research
Indian Finance Institute
Conferencia Internacional de Finanzas
Royal Society of Fellows
International Quality and Productivity Center
Capital Markets Authority
and many more.

Global Board of Academic Advisors & Professors 2004-8* Note: these distinguished faculty members are not faculty of AAFM. The majority of professors here are award recipients and honorary distinguished global advisors.

  • Prof. Dr. C. Bergström Stockholm School of Economics Department of Finance Head of the EFI (Economic Research Institute at the Stockholm School of Economics)
  • Professor Dr. Roberto J. Santillán Salgado Director of the Master of Science in Finance Program at EGADE-ITESM, Monterrey Campus
  • Direktor: Prof. Dr. D. Sondermann, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof. ™ Universität Bonn - Institut für Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften
  • Prof. Dr. G. J. Charreaux Universite de Bourgogne Dijon Cedex, Bourgogne 21066 France MFP™ Mas. Fin. Prof.™
  • Prof. Dr. C. R. Harvey, J. Paul Sticht Professor of International Business, Fuqua School of Business, Duke Univ. **
  • Prof. Dr. C. P Wolff, MFP - Maastricht University - The Netherlands Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, London
  • Dr. Robert Munro, PhD, MA, MFP - Gainesville, FL University of Florida Law School - Co-Director, Center for International Financial Crimes Studies
  • Elizabeth E.M. Thompson, B.A., LL.B., MFP, Registrar General of the Bahamas, Barrister, Counsel and Attorney-at-Law, Master Financial Professional, Charter Professional Member Association of Certified Anti-Project Management Certification Specialists. Mas. Fin. Prof.™
  • Prof. Dr. Joseph Heinlein, Mas. Fin. Prof - Brussels "The Original US Business School in Europe" BU Belgium ** Now at NATO
  • Prof Bernard Gerson, Mas. Fin. Prof - Brussels
  • Dean J. Mc Farland, PhD, CMA Chartered Market Analyst* Dean of The Tulane Freeman School of Business*
  • James Lavorgna, JD, CWM™, CFP™, LLM - AAFM Certified Trainer
  • Prof. M. Dalton, PhD, CPA, JD, CWM -CEO Money Education Co.** Honorary Advisor to the Board
  • Hon. Dir. Andrew Kane, OBE, CWM, CRA - CEO and Managing Director HSBC Private Banking - Wealth Management, California - AAFM Master Financial Planner
  • Prof. Dr. Pablo Fernandez IESE Business School Madrid Spain
  • Dr. Nicola A. Spence, PhD, CPM - San Francisco - Asia
  • Jack McCaffery III, JD, LLM, CWM, MBA, DBA ABD, CAM, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof.™ *
  • Jonathan Dougherty, J.D., LL.M., CWM, CAM, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof.™ *
  • Prof. Dr. Shinichi Watanabe, PhD Mas. Fin. Prof™ - Belgium
  • Professor Anne Sibert, Head of the School of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, University of London, Birkbeck College
  • Prof. S. J. Brown, Ph.D., NYU Stern School of Business, David S. Loeb Professor of Finance*
  • Prof. Jean Bellemans, Mas. Fin. Prof - Brussels
  • Prof. Dr. Johnathan Mun, CWM - US Board of Standards - EU Chapter President 2006
  • Dr. Benjamin Findley, CPM, Colonel, USAFR (Ret) (Special Honorary Advisor)
  • Dean George L. Salis, PhD. LLM, LLB (Hons), BS, FAD, MFM, CWM, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof., CEPA Dean and Programme Director, Legal Studies Dept., Keiser College, CEO & Principal JurisConsults International Group, LLC Member: ABA, IBA, London Court International Arbitration, Royal Society of Fellows
    Florida,USA. Member: ABA, IBA, London Court International Arbitration, Royal Society of Fellows.
  • Prof. Julia K. Brazelton, PhD, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof.™ Connecticut
  • Prof. Thomas W. Goldman, JD, LLM, FAD,CWM, MFP M. Fin. Prof.
  • Cody Tellis, JD, LLM, MFP, CWM, CTEP, CAM - California, USA
  • Dr. Lincoln B. S. Rosa, PhD, MFP, CEC, IEC Fellow, EDS do Brasil EDS - SilvaRosa Consulting **
  • Honorable Dr. Ishaq Shafiq, PhD, MFP, CEPA -Master Financial Prof. Quantum III Consultants Group, LLC - United States
  • Bernard W. Bunning, MBA, JD, LL.M, CPA, PFS, CFP, CTEP, MFM, MFP, CWM,, CFS, CVA, CM&AA - Hign Net Worth Consulting
  • James Fenner McConnell, MFP Mas Fin. Prof. New York City **
  • Phillippe Chan, Chief Financial Officer, BNP paribas (Hong Kong)
  • Dr. Venkateshwar Reddy, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
  • Dean Richard Whitside, PhD, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof. **(Honorary Advisor)
  • Dr. Min WU, MFP, CWM, - Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
  • Dr. Alfred Kahl, PhD Canada and US Mas. Fin. Prof. **
  • Prof. Lena Booth, Thunderbird Am. Grad. School of Int'l Mgmt.
    Finance Department World Business US and Singapore
  • H. Freedman, JD, MBA, RFS, MFM, RBA - Advisor - Florida
  • Prof. Dr. Rajesh Mohnot, Academic Head FTMS Business School in Singapore, RBA, MFP™ Mas. F.P.
  • Prof. Dr. Pablo Fernandez IESE Business School Madrid, Spain
  • Prof. Edwin D. Dimaculangan, CPA, MBA, RFA Philippines
  • Prof. Gary K. Hunter, Ph.D. Arizona State University
  • Alex Castillo, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof. US and South America
  • Peggie A. Russell, J.D, RBA - Business Analyst - Tennessee, USA (Honorary Global Advisor)
  • Michael Hsu, J.D., MPF, CTEP, CWM
  • Peter J, Loughlin, JD, LL.M., Esq., MFP Mas. Fin. Prof., Attorney-at-Law, Member Royal Society of Fellows; Member International Bar Association
  • Hon. Sameh Temraz, MFP, CWM - Regional Director Zurich Int'l
  • Ming Jo, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof. US and China
  • Jeffrey Johnson, CPA, CMA, CPIM, CFS, RFC Nevada, US
  • Carsten Preusse, RFA, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof. Germany
  • Renee Fisher, Esq. BA, LLB, MBA, CAM, Nassau Bahamas
  • Gary S. Burroughs, CPA, CTEP CEP, TEP, CEA, President of BSB, Inc., Oregon, USA MFP™ Master Financial Professional ™
  • Joseph P. Mathew, MBA, RFA, CAM, CPM, President, Hybrid Energy Advisors, Inc.
  • Zhong-yi Yang, MFTA,RFA,CPIM,CEPA Taiwan Advisor
  • Prof. Luke Tan, CWM, PhD ABD - President Thermed Ent., Inc.
  • Michael Preiss, MFP, RFS, CWM AAFM Certified Trainer Asia
  • Craig Tapper, MFP, RFS, CWM AAFM Certified Trainer Asia
  • Gerald J. Shields, JD, CTEP, Mas. Fin. Prof. Washington DC
  • Andy Ong, Chair, Wealth Management Association, Singapore
  • Chris Goh, Academic Director, Finance Programs, ACPE, Singapore
  • Jacob H. Gold, CFP ™, CWM ™. President of Jacob Gold & Assoc., Inc. (Hon. Advisor) Arizona, USA
  • Pamela Peng, MFP Director, IVY Schools, Taiwan (Special Advisor Asia)
  • Lic. Carsten Preusse, RFA, CAM, Mas. Fin. Prof.
  • Tobias M. Mendelson, JD, CTEP, Mas. Fin. Prof.
  • Tan Sri Dato Prof. Dr James Alfred BA Hons(Econs), LLB, MBA, PhD, FIoD, FCMI, FCIM, FIPlantE, FSOE, FCILT, FIOSH, FRSH, FCCS, CPA(Ireland), CPA(USA), MFP(Master Financial Professional), RFA, CMA, CIPM
  • Prof. Christophe Couallier, MFP, RFA - UOP Orlando, FL
  • Professor Abraham Pang, MFP Emeritus Professor AAFM \E*mer"i*tus\, n.; pl. {Emeriti}. [L.]A veteran executive who has honorably completed his service but is still active.
  • Prof. C. Bishop, PhD **
  • Prof. Alexander Van de Putte, PhD, RFA, CRA, MFP, Master Financial ProfessionalTM – Professor of Finance at the Rouen School of Management in France, Fellow at Birkbeck College (University of London) and Shell International Executive.
  • Dr. Maurice Ewing, FRM(GARP), PhD(Princeton), CRA(AAFM), Executive Director,Emerging Markets Risk Advisory
  • Mike Nall, CPA, CM&A, MFP California, USA **
  • Dr. E. Oestriecher, CEC, A.A., B.E.S. M.Ed.,Ph.D., N.D., Ph.D. E-Business Executive, Booze Allen Hamilton - Anapolis, MD, USA
  • Dr. M. G. Junginger - Director Business Development, Financial Executive - Munich, Germany* New Elected Member
  • Yuen Heng, Kwan (Jeffrey), MBA, MPA, CWM, MFP, CTEP, CVM CRA, CMP - SVP - M&P Global Financial Services, Inc. USA Honorary AAFM Advisory Board for Asia.
  • F. Thomas Winters III, JD, MBA, CPM, MFP Mas. Fin.
  • Prof. Richard Paul Kleeburg, CMA, MBA, JD, PhD
  • Dr A. Ejaife, PhD, CAM, RFS, MFP - Nigeria and England
  • Dr. Thanaiwong Kirativanich, MFP - Thailand
  • Profesor Carl Thong, MFP, CEC - Singapore -Director – Royal Mint Wealth Management, Malaysia
  • Thomas Irwin, MFP, RFS, CAM - Houston Texas
  • Joyce Molen, MBA, RFS, CAM, CPM, RBA, MFM, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof. - Texas
  • Kelvin Leong, MSc, CPA, MFP, RBA, CSA, FCCA, MIEEE - Hong Kong (Honorary Advisor)
  • Matthew D. Hutcheson, MS, CPC, AIFA™, CRC, Chairman and Editor of the Journal of Fiduciary Responsibility -Author, Trainer, and Radio Personality for Finance - Oregon
  • T. Murphy, JD, LLM, MFP Honorary Advisor
  • R. Martinez, MS, CPA, CTEP Honorary Advisor**
  • Dr. Y. Chay, Dr. Y. Chay, MFP, MFM, RFS, CAM, FAD, CWM- Price Waterhouse Coopers - Special Advisor for Singapore and Asia- Price Waterhouse Coopers - Special Advisor for Singapore and Asia
  • Dr. Sean Rozario, PhD, MBA, MFP, FAD, CWM, MFC - Special Advisor Asia and Singapore.
  • Michael Bradford, MBA, CWM, ChFC - Capital One Private Client Group (Honorary Advisor)

* Honorary Global Advisor or Faculty Excellence Award

Special Honorary Advisory Committee

  • David Livingston, CWM, CAM, CPM, MFP (Honorary Advisor to the Board)
  • Ing. Mag. Harald Parapatits, RFS, CPM, MFP
  • C. Guenzel, MFP, CFP, CAM Honorary Board of Advisors**
  • Prof. Dr. Lawrence Flegle, DBA, MBA, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof. **
  • Hughes Tsatsu Tsagli (MFP) ** Ghana Financial Executive **
  • Kingsley David Brown, MFP, CVM - Ghana Finanical Executive **
  • Peace Ndalama, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof. - Lilongwe, Malawi. (Honorary Advisor)
  • Emad A. Rahim,M.S.M.,C.B.M.,Chairman and CEO of Human Service Assn. of CNY
  • William D. Washburn, MFP Mas. Fin. Prof.
  • Kwadwo Appenteng, MFP - Ghana Financial Executive **
  • Dr. Graham A Orme FAAFM, AFA - Director of Human Resources and Finance - American Mission Hospital - First Hospital in the Arabian Gulf
  • Clancy Fiifi Dontoh. Ch.E, MFM, CVM, CCF - Ghana Financial Executive

*Some members on the Global Advisor List are Honorary Emeritus Faculty which is purely an Award Status and Recognition of Academic Excellence, Life Service, and Research. Members may nominate faculty to the board of advisors and faculty members have rights to offer amendments for the innovation of standards for AAFM. Faculty members are in no way considered to be faculty of the AAFM except within the limits of an Honorary or Emeritus Faculty Award Recognition. . They are simply recognized faculty members of Select Universities Worldwide that have been unanimously approved to receive honors from AAFM.

**Honorary Advisor to the Board

AAFM™ Super Board of Standards Members: 2004-9

  • Prof. George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM, FAD, CPM, CAM, MFP Mas. Fin. Professional. Director and President US Academic Board (USA-LA)
  • C. Cooper, CPM, CWM, FAD, CAM, MFP Mas. Fin. Professional 2002-2005 (Honorary Advisor 2007)
  • Professor William Byrnes, IV, JD, LLM, MFP, CWM, CTEP

*The AAFM Super Board of Standards is responsible for the administrative decisions for the Global Certification and Training Operations. Contact

For all Legal Correspondence
AAFM ™ General Counsel
Attention: G. Mentz, Esq.
WTC Building - 245 Glendale Dr.
Metairie, LA 70001 - USA
504-495-1748 - Fax: 419-828-4923


Sincerely, AAFM Board of Standards which is part of AAFM, LC

American Academy of Financial Management Board of Standards LLC. owns the designation marks MFP MASTER FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL (tm) CWM CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER (TM) CMA CERTIFIED AND CHARTERED MARKET ANALYST (TM) Registered Financial Analyst RFA Global Financial Analyst Registered Financial Specialist Global Financial Specialist Certified Family Office Specialist Certified Financial Management Analyst Chartered Asset Manager CAM Chartered Portfolio and Investment Manager CPIM Chartered Trust and Estate Planner CTEP and federal copyrights which it awards to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification and charter requirements.©


AAFM China Special Board of Advisors 2004-9

  • Honorable Yuan Bo, Chairman of the Board Bayshore Consulting and Services Co.,Ltd.
  • Honorable Sun Ying, General Manager New Treasure Way Consulting Co.,Ltd.
  • Honorable Wu Ying , Vice General Manager New Treasure Way Consulting Co.,Ltd.
  • Honorable Thomas Li, MFP Director A-First Mind (Shanghai) Education Co.,Ltd
  • Honorable Chen Jun Nian , Managing Director A-First Mind (Shanghai) Education Co., Ltd
  • Honorable Yuen Heng, Kwan (Jeffrey), MBA, MPA, CWM, MFP, CTEP, CVM CRA, CMP - SVP - M&P Global Financial Services, Inc. USA Honorary AAFM Advisory Board for Asia.
  • Sheri Young, BBA, MFP, CFC, RFP (USA-HK), CWM, APFP, FAIQ (CII)
  • Ryan J. Navaira, MBA, CPM, MFP - Financial Analyst - Dallas, Texas
  • Sandy Ying Sun, MFP, CWM - Director of Beijing Operations

Academic Honorary Advisors China 2004-9

  • Honorable Khoo, Guan Seng, Ph.D., MFP
  • Honorable Michael Hsu, J.D., MPF, CTEP, CWM
  • Honorable Ma, Kwan Ho Lawrence, Ph.D., MFP
  • Prof. Lena Booth, Thunderbird Am. Grad. School of Int'l Mgmt. Finance Department World Business MFP Mas. Fin. Prof.

AAFM EU Advisory Board

  • Prof. Peter Nelson - Honorary Board EU BENELUX
  • Prof. Charles Bouy - Honorary Board Member
  • Prof. Dr. Joseph Heinlein, PhD, MFP Master Financial Professional™, Honorary Board Member now at NATO
  • Prof Bernard Gerson, CPA, MBA MFP Master Financial Professional™-
  • Prof. Shinichi Watanabe, PhD, MA, MFP Master Financial Professional™
  • Prof. Jean Bellemans, MBA Harvard, MFP Master Financial Professional™
  • Prof. Alexander Van de Putte, PhD, RFA, CRA, MFP, Master Financial ProfessionalTM

Presidente de la AAFM Capítulo México

Dr. Roberto Santillán Salgado

Consejo Académico:

  • Dr. Alejandro Fonseca Ramírez
  • Dr. Eduardo Pablo Villimar
  • Lic. Gregorio Vázquez Alanís
  • Dr. José Humberto Guevara Balderas
  • Dr. Mauricio Cervantes
  • Dr. Mauricio de la Maza
  • Dr. Gerado Dubcovsky
  • Dra. Norma Hernández Perales
  • Dra. Rocío Gómez-Tagle Rangel

Consejo no Académico:

  • Lic. Antonio Ortiz Cobos
  • C.P. Gustavo Maass Mena
  • Lic. Ramiro Hernández Alanís
  • Lic. Ricardo Sada Villarreal
  • Lic. Roberto X. Margaín Santos
  • Lic. Othón Díaz del Guante